Increase of study success starts in the classroom

Jonas Forsman, Physics Education Research, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Student drop out in universities is a universal problem and is especially critical in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. More qualified candidates are needed in these fields to fill the demands of the industry (Stephens & Richey, 2013). Even though researchers found several critical aspects that affect student success and that could reduce student drop out, implementation of research results have rarely led to any major improvements in graduation rates.plaatje-CEL-1024x584

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Education system EEUU 1870-2011

Emergy Evaluation of Formal Education in the United States: 1870 to 2011
Daniel E. Campbell  and Hongfang Lu
Abstract: We evaluated the education system of the United States from 1870 to 2011 using emergy methods. The system was partitioned into three subsystems (elementary, secondary and college/university education) and the emergy inputs required to support each subsystem were determined for every year over the period of analysis.

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